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The Fall Scoop...

Hello Lovelies,

there have been MANY changes here at Living Color and we are beyond excited to let you in on all of it. Many of you knew that we had FOUR out of FIVE amazing stylists that were pregnant in 2021 and 2022! Our Salon Director, Angel Heath had her first son, Jack in November of last year. Kayla Mitchell had her second daughter, Ellorie in March and both Jane and Danielle had their first baby boys, Weston and Mikah just days apart from each other back in May.

We were sad to say goodbye to Danielle at the beginning of the year and we are proud to announce Jane's big decision to be an independent contractor at Shades of Red Salon last month. As we said goodbye to our two part time stylists, we manifested two fabulous full-time creatives that will be starting this week and next! They have already started accepting guests and are starting to fill up FAST. We want give Elizabeth Dowling and Destiny Nix a very warm welcome to the Habersham community!

I know they will be a perfect match for our community. The salon has been undergoing many small renovations over the past few weeks as we prepare to welcome them into our sacred space. We are so grateful for everyone's support and patience as we move things around to make room for growth! We look forward to seeing you all as you make your way to Living Color. If you want to know more about any of our stylists, check out our bios! You can do that by scrolling back to the top and clicking on the link that says, "our team".

Online booking is available and ready for Elizabeth and Destiny! To book appointments with any of our other stylists, call 843-846-1122 and we will be happy to accommodate you. You may book online by scrolling back up and clicking on the "services" link.

I hope everyone has had a phenomenal summer and that you all gracefully slip into the fall season!

With Love, Miranda Garvin and Your Living Color Team

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