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We are LOVING this season of GROWTH!

We have OFFICIALLY entered into our BUSY season and we are ready to pamper you with your hair care needs! We have 6 wonderful stylists that are here to support and guide you through your hair care journey.

Our newest member starts NEXT WEEK!!! Heather is an Augusta, Georgia native, but spent most of her childhood out west—graduating high school near Denver, CO. She has a 4-yr college degree and went on to spend years as a stay-at-home mom and busy at-home writer.

After marrying her husband Michael in 2021, they combined to become a real-life Brady bunch. Seven kids, a dog, two busy careers, and a new place to call home—Beaufort. Heather graduated from the Paul Mitchell School of Rexburg. She enjoys blonding and all things color. We are thrilled to have her join our tribe.

Last month we officially extended our schedules to be open 6 days a week! We are open Monday through Saturday and have evening appointments available upon request. For anyone looking for a slightly more quiet setting in the salon, Mondays and Fridays are perfect for you as we typically have 2 or 3 stylists in. For someone that loves the hustle and bustle of Creatives at play, we generally have 3 - 6 stylists working within the salon Tuesday through Thursday! Regardless of the day and time, we cannot wait to pamper you in our sacred space.

With great growth comes great responsibilities! As we continue to expand and work diligently to provide you with the highest quality of services, Miranda will be shortening her schedule in 2023. Miranda has worked hard in this industry to provide amazing services to each and everyone one of her guests over the last 12 years; after 7 successful years of owning Living Color Salon, she feels it's time to start focussing more on the business side of Living Color to help the Creatives within our sacred space give you the best experience possible. She is happy to recommend one of our 5 other stylists to work with your care care needs if you are struggling to get on her schedule!

We are honored to be your preferred salon in the Lowcountry and look forward to seeing you soon!

- Your Living Color Team

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